BSc. Degree in Management Information Systems

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Management Information Systems (MIS) is both a practical and theoretical based programme that will equip graduates with the requisite skills, knowledge, and competencies in current and emerging technologies and concepts in Information Communication Technology. In order to meet the challenges of the 21st century there is the need to have a programme that is on the cutting edge of computer technology. Students will be able to work both locally and internationally as well as move on to the Masters level if they so desire. This programme is more cost effective and offers a better variety of attractive modules or units not offered in other Bachelor’s programmes. This diversity produces well trained, well rounded computer professionals who should have both theoretical and practical understanding of the use of Information Technology in our life. Also student should embrace the concept of life-long learning.

The programme is designed so that a student who has completed their Bachelor Degree is equipped with the skills, knowledge, and competencies that will prepare him/her for a professional position in management information systems and other ICT related employment opportunities.
Graduates can work in roles such as:

  • Business Analysis
  • Software Engineering
  • Data Network
  • Security Administrator
  • Systems Analyst
  • Web Developers
  • Project Managers
  • Technical Consultants
  • Database administrator
  • Entrepreneur

Additional Programme Information


Applicant must possess an Associate degree issued by the CCCJ. It should be noted that the qualifying degree must be in an area relevant to the intended programme of study. Applicants who fail to meet this criterion will be required to complete the necessary bridging courses at the Associate degree level prior to being afforded acceptance.

The Bachelors of Science Degree in Management Information Systems is sixty-three (63) credit programme currently offered part-time (evenings) across six (6) semesters. The programme comprises the following courses: General Education Courses Administrative Communication Calculus I Calculus II Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation Macro Economics Core Courses Software Engineering Web Development III Cost and Management Accounting Computer Programming III Advance Database Management Enterprise Resource Planning Systems Telecommunications Advanced Networking Advance Security Operations Management

Application forms may be collected from the College’s Admissions Office or downloaded from our website.
Additional information about the programme including information on the tuition structure for the programme can be obtained from our Admissions office : (876) 630-1772

Students may start the programme in September or January of the academic year.

The programme is currently delivered full-time, part-time (evenings) or weekends depending on demand.

To be awarded a Bachelors of Science Degree in Management Information Systems, a student must have: Completed all credits in the programme Completed all courses in the programme Completed all required hours of work experience

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