Bachelors Degree

At Portmore Community College we offer four bachelor’s degree programmes. We offer bachelor’s in Business Studies, Hospitality & Tourism Management, Management Information Systems(MIS) and Social Work.

Business Studies Hospitality & Tourism MIS Social Work
Associate Degree

At Portmore Community College we offer various associate degree programmes, so no matter what your field of interest is we have a programme for you. We offer associate degrees in Architecture and Construction Technology, Business Studies, Computer Application & Business Studies (CABS), Computer Servicing & Electronics (CS&E), Criminal Justice, Engineering, Health & Wellness Tourism, Hospitality & Tourism Management, Management Business Process Outsourcing, Management Information Systems(MIS) Plumbing Services and Technology and Social Work.

Architecture and Construction Technology Business Studies Social Work Computer Application & Business Studies Plumbing Services and Technology Computer Servicing & Electronics Health & Wellness Tourism Engineering Management Business Process Outsourcing Management Information Systems Criminal Justice Hospitality & Tourism Management
Professional Certification

At Portmore Community College we offer Professional Certification programmes. We offer professional certification in Enrolled Assistant Nursing, FIA/ACCA and Pharmacy Technician.

Enrolled Assistant Nursing FIA/ACCA Pharmacy Technician